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If you're looking for a moving company who can get your belongings from Point A to Point B safely and without hassle, look no further than the trusted movers at Small Movers of Wichita Ks. We'll get your valuables into your new home in no time flat.

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Movers with Clear and Upfront Pricing

At our company, we understand the financial burden of relocating. That's why we offer upfront, no-obligation quotes of all our moving services. Say goodbye to hidden fees and surprise charges. With us, you'll know precisely what and how much you're paying for before you sign a contract.

Get in touch with our staff over the phone today. We'd be more than happy to provide you with our full pricing details.

Book Your Moving Truck on Your Watch

Take Advantage of Timely Service

Our moving company is committed to making your moving day a huge success. To start the day off right, we make sure we're available when you need us. Our company offers flexible scheduling options for your convenience.

Plus, when you book an appointment with us, you can count on us to arrive on-time and ready for action. A fully staffed crew will show up on-site at the pre-arranged time in clean, neat work attire. The word "late" doesn't exist in our vocabulary.

Packaging Supplies for a Safe Haul

We arrive on-time, and we also arrive prepared. Our moving company has all the supplies you could possibly need to protect your belongings - and we give you, our valued clientele, access to them all.

Some of the things our moving crew can provide you with include:

  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Protective blankets
  • Dollies
  • Shrink-wrap
  • And more

With our premium packaging materials at your disposal, your belongings will arrive in the same, pristine condition as they left.

And if you prefer our team to do the packing and unpacking for you, we'd be happy to oblige! Moving day has never been so easy.

Local and Long-Distance Moving

Whether you're moving across town or across the state, our team has you covered. Our drivers perform both local and long-distance moving, so that you can forget about the mileage. We'll get you (and your stuff) wherever you need to go. Guaranteed.

Competitive Moving Rates

Who said relocating costs an arm and a leg? At Small Movers of Wichita Ks, we work tirelessly to ensure our rates are always among the most competitive on the market.

But don't just take our word for it. Request your no-obligation cost estimate today.

Quality Moving Companies Used to Be Hard to Find—Until We Came Around

It used to be hard to find a moving company who could be more helpful than harmful. Movers would come to a home and hurl barely-closed boxes into the back of a truck carelessly and move mirrors around like they were made of steel. To add insult to injury, many companies like this arrive late to the job and never make any apologies for their lack of professionalism. Then we came along.

We're the professional moving company who is committed to providing the absolute best service possible. We're not here to harm your home with careless practices of unfairly-priced services, we're here to help you—plain and simple!

The Local Moving Company You Can Count On

We don't just work hard to earn a quick buck—we work hard to earn your trust.

With our services, you can always expect:

  • Accurate and Written Estimates
  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast Response Times
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Strict Adherence to Your Deadlines and Schedules

Reliable Residential Movers: Every Move Starts with a Quick Walkthrough

There are some movers who will come to your home on moving day only to complain and reprimand you for understating the size of the moving job. Don't listen to them, though. You're not a professional mover, so how could you possibly communicate all the information they need to know over the phone?

That's why we always do a thorough walkthrough of your home before we begin your move. This way we know exactly how many team members we need on the job and exactly how long the whole ordeal should take. Doing this not only saves everyone a lot of stress and worry, but it also saves you money! What's better than that?

The Best Residential Relocation Services in the Business

Finding time to pack before your moving day can be difficult. Your professional and personal life do not stop just because you're moving. That's why we offer packing and unpacking services for all your household items!

Leave the packing to us and start focusing on the next chapter in your life!

Local Movers Who Know How to Handle Fragile Items

Worried about your vintage accessories and antique mirrors? Don't worry! We're no strangers to fragile item care. While we are packing your belongings, we'll take extra-special care of your delicate belongings—and that's a promise!

Bulky Item Moving

There's no item in your apartment that our movers can't lift. Our crew is practiced in moving even the heaviest and bulkiest objects. Some of the items we frequently move for our clients are:

  • Fridges
  • Couches
  • Heavy artwork
  • Beds
  • TVs
  • And more

Rest assured, we take every precaution and utilize premium protective materials to protect against damage to your belongings. We'll move your items for you: ding, dent, and damage-free.

Short-Term Storage Options

If one lease ends before the other begins, count on us for a cost-effective, short-term storage solution. Our company is pleased to provide clean and secure storage lockers for our clients. With a variety of different sized lockers and contracts available, you'll be able to safely store whatever you like, for however long you need.

The Best Moving Services in All of Wichita

If you don't think you'll be renewing your lease this year, why not book our services ahead of time?

Small Movers of Wichita Ks is the leading moving company in the local industry. Our clients appreciate our full range of moving services, our world-class customer service, and our competitive rates.

Make moving day easy this year. You can reach us at (316) 440-5297. We're always ready to take your call!

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