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Small Movers of Wichita Ks is Derby’s apartment-moving specialists. With years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as the local leader in safe and dependable residential moving services. We’re punctual, we’re affordable, and above all we’re professional. It’s no wonder more, and more renters are choosing us to manage their move.

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Free Consultations for All Apartment Moving Services

We know the value of our services. That’s why we’re happy to provide free, no-obligation consultations for every potential client. You can experience our services for yourself and––if you’re not convinced of our ability––you can walk away. It’s that simple.

We’re confident that once you’ve gone through your consultation, however, you’ll see the incredible value of our services. We’ll help you organize your move so that you can have a hassle-free experience. No more, no less.

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Diligent, Punctual, Professional: Local Apartment Movers You Can Trust

Every moving job poses its own unique challenges. That goes for apartments, too. While your apartment may not be as big or have as much furniture as a three-story house, its small size means plenty of confined spaces and narrow staircases. Consequently, it can be even more difficult to maneuver objects—especially furniture—in and out of the building. Especially by yourself.

At Small Movers of Wichita Ks, we follow an extensive planning procedure to ensure that every apartment move goes smoothly. By assessing potential risks, such as tight corners, and devising strategies to mitigate them, we’re able to safeguard your belongings and prevent them from being damaged. We keep your possessions safe, and we keep you free from possible liabilities, such as scuffing up your landlord’s walls. It’s a win-win.

We’re diligent in every move we perform. We’re also punctual. We arrive at every job on-time and ready to work. When we give you a time, we stick to it. Just one more reason why we’re the movers you can trust.

Smart, Simple Apartment Packing Services

Need Help Packing? We Can Do That Too!

In addition to helping move your furniture, we’re also available to help you pack your belongings. Unlike many movers, we strive to help our clients through every stage of their journey. From planning and packing through to settling in, we want to be there to ensure our customers can make a smooth transition to their next home.

Our packing services help us accomplish that goal. When you choose us, we’ll be happy to offer commercial-grade packing supplies, as well as professional packing assistance. Thanks to our expertise, we can pack your belongings to save space, maximize their protection, and make your move more efficient.  Moving has never been so easy as it is with us.

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